VFL Wolfsburg are interested in Tottenham Korean player Son Heung-Min

thegrandstand.net – South Korean player Son Heung-Min, getting interest from VFL Wolfsburg thus Tottenham Hotspur under threat to lose the player in the transfer market this. The players do not rule out the possibility of joining forces with Wolfsburg, sees an opportunity for Tottenham in the Premier League scene did not improve.

The manager Mauricio Pochettino and the coaching staff still wanted presence Son at Spurs, and they also claim that the name Son is still a part of the plans Bandar bola online external of the major players in the Premier League with Spurs. At the age of 24 years is still the Son joined Spurs last summer from Bayer Leverkusen with a fund of 18 million pounds. If you see her cooperation contract with the White Hart Lane, Son still has a contract until the mutual bond in late June 2020.

“I still see him in uniform Spurs until the next two or three seasons, Son capacity above the average and also he has a bright future with us. If he decides to join Wolfsburg, it has become the choice itself I can not say anything, “said Mauricio.

If Wolfsburg want him in this season then they are obligated to pay a ransom with the number 17 million pounds. Of course this is not easy for Wolfsburg, for reviewing the financial situation of the club still looking for an alternative player to take to the Bundesliga. Son interviewed, saying he was ready to accept the proposal of Wolfsburg, if they seriously want him.

“I do not close this occasion, they (Wolfsburg) is seeded team in the Bundesliga plus again this will be my chance to try out the experience there. I have never played with them, this will be a new step for my career, “said Son Heung-Min.

Tottenham is actually a chance to win the Premier League, if only they could make the players feel at home and believe they are a great team. Unfortunately until now their great players often prefer to be out of the team and join a team that is more likely. This makes it difficult growing Tottenham when Spurs example only has Gareth Bale, they must be willing to drop it into the hands of Real Madrid. Because it is now Pochettino wants to emphasize to each player bhwa they are entitled to be in the team that is developing and he will continue to show improvement for White Hart Lane.