– Face AS Roma in the camp this weekend, where Real Madrid successfully pocketing huge success with two-vacant position at the Rome Olympic stadium. However, Keylor Navas made it clear that his club still has one match remaining in contention in Santiago Bernabue. Los Blancos look at the game which is increasingly more okayContinue reading – One of the former player of Real Madrid CF from Italy, Antonio Cassano, admitted that he felt sorry for what had happened when he was still playing in the Estadio Bernabeu santiago. Where according to the players who at the time of strengthening the Sampdoria states that only a fool who can notContinue reading

Mancini Nilai Derby Utama, namun Tak Memastikan Milan – Manager Inter Milan, Roberto Mancini external, menganggap pertandingan derby melawan AC Milan bakal utama untuk tingkatkan keyakinan diri beberapa pemainnya. Tetapi, Mancini mengingatkan kalau pertandingan ini tetaplah bernilai tiga poin. Inter serta Milan bakal beradu kemampuan di San Siro dalam kelanjutan Serie A, Hari senin (1/2/2016)Continue reading