Gerrard: Fans Support Mandatory Henderson

Steven-Gerrard – The former captain of FC Liverpool camp whose name is legendary, Steven Gerrard, to know that he is very urgent that all the fans of his former team that can provide a lot of support to Jordan Henderson.

To know that the captain of the stronghold of the Kops on the current injury mengalam middle of a very long counted on the mid-season 2015/2016, last season only managed Henderson played 15 times alone, at that time was, where the farm team of Jurgen the Klopp this should stagger to be able to end the last season is ranked eighth.

So with that making the move from Liverpool FC to be able to follow the Champions League Champons and Euroan can not terselenggarakan.

There was much speculation that questioned whether coach Jurgen Klopp is going to be to enter the name of Henderson in the core squad Liverpool FC next season.

Gerrard also provides responses to the plight of the former team-mate, in which he stated that Henderson is one of the players figure is very important for the team.

“I see, you all are required to be able to support very fully to figure henderson. That support can come from coaches, staff, and also all the fans, it is in need once. Previously he has been getting a very tough year, because of severe injuries. Certainly he was very frustrated at all of it. “Gerrard said as preached by Sportsmole.

“There is certainly support you can give effect to a sense of confidence. All fans are required to provide support to Henderson. Because he is a figure of immense asset for coach Jurgen Klopp in the next season. I hope once that Henderson could start the season with a strong mentality and he also get the chance again. “He continued.