Inggris – Status as defending champions in fact does not make Leicester City depressed because of having to repeat what they managed to accomplish a new season later. Targets to reach 40 points in a season is reasonable for The Foxes let alone before they just became residents of the middle board and had beenContinue reading – Architect of the peracik strategy Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri has said he begged in the new season starts, the whole players was really struggling on the pitch in every game that will dilakoninya. It is directly delivered by 64-year-old man, after they failed miserably in the International Champions Cup where they have one winContinue reading – The presence of some quality new coach is certainly making the Premier League competition will be run exciting and tight upcoming season. Currently there are three names of famous architects are ready to live debut with new team that Josep Guardiola (Manchester City), Antonio Conte (Chelsea) and Jose Mourinho (Manchester United). One architectContinue reading