Appreciate Cavani contract at PSG – After Zlatan Ibrahimovic away from the Parc des Princes and went to England to join Manchester United transfer news has not only separated from one origin wealthy Ligue 1, Paris Saint Germain.

Which is where the team is based in Paris that this is still kept in the shadows shadowed by an exodus of players.

One of the latest news in the media proclaim by many now is, the main striker theirs named Edinson Cavani.

Which is where the latest news states that the Uruguay international is in the know that he was not so betalh again to be able to continue to strengthen the team bermarkaskan in Prac des Princes.

One of the teams is very serious to be able to get the services of former players from Palermo and SSC Napoli it is Arsenal FC.

But the news will kehengkangan them, directly in dispute by the player, in which very firmly Cavani stated that at this time he still wants to survive in the PSG, and play at home with the team which is identical in blue and red, in addition to the yes also stated that he was very respectful at all will contract with Paris Saint Germain in the know still tied to situs judi online external two years.

“I still have a contract for two more years with PSG, so it was I wanted to remain with them.” Said Cavani firmly as in Alert me by Soccerway.

“The club has to explain their project to me when they brought me from Napoli. I want to be part of them. Everything I have handed over to Paris Saint Germain, if I would be given a contract extension or not. “End Uruguay international.

Cavani himself in currently being the only true striker existing single in the stronghold of PSG, and of course he gets more confidence than in the previous season, as before, to problems scoring goals, PSG have always entrusted to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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